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Ordinary Girl

A very ordinary girl from a small town I am, just like your next door neighbor – went on to complete my studies from a reputed convent, graduated in Psychology. Groomed by the family women to get married into a well established lineage, how were they or I ever suppose...

The BIG Girl

She's back Yea a while later......7 months so as to speak.....she's back. And with every passing day with her in my garage, my confidence grows, that she's here to stay. PERIOD She crashed in first week of October 2010 and what followed was an ugly war with a bunch of...

My Journey to Healing

13th March 2009. It is a year since I had a total hysterectomy (along with the appendix, some lymph nodes and the omentum) for a suspected ovarian cancer. I remember that morning when I was put on a stretcher and taken to the O.T. I asked the ward boy I can walk, why...

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