Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Thai Treatment

Thai massage is a noninvasive deep body work that helps alleviate body pains and stiffness! It is a non oily and fully-clothed treatment session. 

The session lasts anywhere between 60 to 90 mins.  


In celebration of body
Love, Sahaya


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Soham Studio, Chandigarh

Touch Therapy Training


“Touch is crucial to express your most intimate self”

Explore therapeutic touch with Sahaya Jeevan a trained Polarity therapist. Sahaya will lead us onto the sacred path of Touch Therapy. Touch is a sensory experience to express one’s sexuality along with our sacred feelings. And yet touch is so widely misunderstood!! 

The session will be on collective touch therapy requiring your sensitivity and utmost presence. We will work in small groups to hold and heal each other.

Touch can be safe and is required for total communication


Contribution: single ₹700: couple ₹1000

– We would be working with body oils, hence wear loose old clothing

– Phones to be kept on Silent

– Help us start on time by being on time or early


10th Oct I 10.30 am to 1.00 pm

MeraQi, #544 18B

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