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Growing up in a traditional family has its own sweet & sour experiences facilitating ones growth. The only condition is not to give up in the face of a tough situation. Born into such a family I learnt late in life that things are not going to be as easy as projected to me during my childhood. As & when crisis came up it was dealt with tools handed over by the previous generation. Any attempt to break free would be immediately suppressed. Such is the normalcy of our society. Thus I entered my youth with a sour taste of not finding adequate space to be the person I want to be.

I wasn’t content!! I was lost in the big world. I was working in an alternate school with low remuneration, living on my parent’s support and no desire to take up a partner, I was searching. My quest took me to the feet of my master, Osho, revealing the futility of life. And in this maze of materialism one has to keep asking the most crucial question “Who am I”. Osho articulated the secret of Self. I was on the path of discovering myself, I had begun to heal.

“Who am I”, Osho articulated the secret of the self. An alive person is the one who will look at life, who will witness life

With the grace of Masters Soham Healing Services was born in the summer of 2007. The intention is to share the pearls of wisdom I gained through my own healing journey. The various practices undertaken by me under various masters provide a range of spiritual preparations for a sadhak to begin his inner journey.  Soham Healing Services only provides tried and tested practices. 


I am enchanted with my Body of Work

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