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Upcoming Events

The Alchemy of Panch-Tattwa

In this retreat we observe the harmonious play of the Gunas and the conflicted imbalance of the Doshas. Polarity therapy restores the balance of the two. Universal energy manifests in the world through form or matter and this manifestation is made up of five distinct elements– Earth as the solidity, Water as in fluidity, Fire as an action, Air as the movement & Ether/space which contains them all.

In these 3-days, we will focus on how the Panch-Tattwa affects the physiology and psychology of the feminine principle of life especially when manifested in matter. A woman mirrors the quality of regeneration from Mother Earth, the quality of flow from Water, the traits of resilience from Fire and her wildness from Air element.


29th to 31st March


Contribution: 17,000/- per person

Aum108 Retreat, Chetandi, Rishikesh

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