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Soham healing services is the daughter of an ocean.

An ocean, which is the source of infinity & bounties. Soham Healing is a space where people are sensitized about their inherent potential and are shown pathways to connect with the cosmic energy. It is a translucent healing studio that came into existence in 2007 to support fellow-travellers who are on their self-introspective journey and calls upon seekers not to settle for less when the whole is available. It is a place to connect our partial self with the other remaining self; the two selves that have co-existed in us since times immemorial and then they get dissonant due to various reasons.

Soham Healing Services is a humble attempt to acquaint a seeker to enter his/her sacred shrine with an ease and in privacy. It is an endeavour to invite the seeker to witness astounding heights and unbelievable depths of their being. Soham Healing services is a unique venture for the modern mind with an idea of an enquiring about the Self. The Self which, when discovered is the only way out of pain, the Self which is unique, infinite and humble. And in order to heal the modern mind and awaken the heart, the seeker must develop an insight into the most profound question ever asked, “Who am I?” And much clutter hides that truth.

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen!– Mahaavtar Babaji

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