Music from the World of Osho

  • Shadows of the Pines is a soft album to escort meditators into a space within themselves.
  • This! Commentaries of the Bamboos leads the meditators into the realm of the heart. Away from the maddening crowd are the ten tracks of the album.
  • Yes, to the River is an Osho Compilation of fifteen musical tracks. Well placed in the album grants the listeners a freedom never experienced before.
  • Five Fingers is about experiencing the gaps of silence between sounds. Authentic music consists not of sounds, but of the gaps.  
  • Basho’s Pond, a door to eternity is a warm music compilation from the Zen world. Zen poets have written beautiful haikus, so condensed that a vast poetic world becomes like a seed in the haiku.


  • Ahura, Fire n Ice is an amalgamation of soothing dream with fierce force of nature. They compose music in order to unite cultures and people beyond all ethnic contrasts and differences.
  • Zikr, Call of Sufi narrated by beloved Anandmurti Gurumaa herself, is a beautiful Sufi meditation which weaves together intoxicating meditative techniques with the Sufi art of whirling and worship.


  • Shanti Mantras by Uma Mohan creates the vibrations of gratitude, respect and appreciation that serve as powerful tools for silencing the mind, eventually guiding the humankind to enlightenment.
  • Om, Music for divine meditation is an ecstasy for all meditators. Simple & pure magic. Through invocation of this mantra, the body is believed to receive energy that cleanses our mind, body and soul.
  • Kaali rendered by artist Veena Sahasrabuddhe is a devotional retreat for her Goddess kaali’s lovers.
  • Gayatri mantra is a sacred invocation of the divine. Beyond the mysteries, lies the original tryst of mankind with it’s original divinity: the light behind the sun, spirit within the fire who as we know as, Gayatri.
  • Maha Mrityunjay is Shiva’s Moksha Mantra. The mantra so powerful that chanting it creates divine vibrations igniting a fire that consumes all negativity purifying our system.

Buddhist Chants

  • Om Mani Padme Hum is a six syllabled mantra of the bodhisattva of compassion, Avalokiteshvara Mani means the jewel and Padma is the lotus. It. Is easy to say yet quite powerful, because it contains the essence of the entire Buddhist teaching.
  • Dharma Nada Resonance of Buddhist Sutras & Mantras rendered by Vidya Rao is not a commercial release from Siddhartha’s Intent India Society & Deer park Institute.

Guided Meditations

  • Deepak Chopra, the soul of Healing Meditations was created for anyone who ever asked a question about Meditation.
  • Reminding yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to your BodyMind, is an Osho Meditative Therapy. This guided Meditation was created by Osho as a group process lasting 1-hr each day for seven days. Doing it by yourself before you go to sleep will have immense benefit.


  • Music for Relaxation composed by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt is an epitome to rejuvenate oneself. Being the foremost disciple of Pt. Ravi Shankar, Vishwa Mohan belongs to that elite body of musicians which traces its origin to the Mughal emperor Akbar’s court musician TANSEN and his guru Swami Haridas.
  • Jeevan, Music Therapy for Nurturing life is for pregnant mothers to bless and nurture the soul in the womb.
  • The series of Elements is an instrumental music series of five albums for five Tattwas – Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Each album is compiled by different artist. Each series relates to the basic nature of the tattwa & produces a generic effect.


  • Rumi, love at its Zenith presents remarkable poetry by the sufi saint. The album showcases these magical verses translated in Hindi backed by soulful music, for first time ever by Anandmurti Gurumaa.
  • Jahan-e-khusrau, Realm of the heart forms a part of the Sufi festival – 2002, khusrau powerfully delivered by Abida Parveen.
  • Poetry of Bulle Shah aka Abdullah Shah is a blend of age old hermit’s wisdom and the elucidating rendering by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
  • Kabir in Thumri is initiated by the Kabir Project in collaboration with Srishti School of art, Design & Technology, Bangalore.

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