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To understand the nature of Self, let us dwell on the essence of A River

Although a river has a definite destination yet it follows an uncanny path. The river must leap over boulders; pass marshy areas, travel through far off lands crossing deserts before she empties herself in the Ocean.

In this precious journey of reaching her beloved, she stays true to her nature, and her nature is “to flow”. Let’s acknowledge the consistent effort of the river to slice her way through the plains & deserts, carving her pathway upon rocky beds that the river manages not to turn into a quagmire. We the human race, perhaps, forget to flow, to curve out our way around difficult life situations.

We tend to limit ourselves, becoming stagnant. However the river is far superior to its purpose & intention. River very well understands that only by flowing will she get rid of her gathered impurities.

Stagnation will only poison her. Unlike a river, people get attached to their past and painful memories.

To discover ones true nature is the journey to one self. A veil is drawn because one learns that people, including family, do not appreciate your truth. To discover the magnificence of the Self, you must unveil the truth. The mask thins as our innate self pushes for a truthful expression & honest living. And what emerges is A Self which is spontaneous, complete and at ease with the external events.


Soham Healing Services is a warm invite for you to sing the song of your natural calling. Be a witness to the cosmic dance of the Shiva and Shakti in you!!

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