Polarity Therapy

POLARITY THERAPY is a clever synthesis of eastern wisdom & western science

POLARITY THERAPY is a natural health care system developed in the 1940’s by an Austrian Osteopath Dr. Randolph Stone. This therapy is based on human energy field and its design. Polarity is a three-dimensional field of existence and when manifested, it is experienced as the triune function of energy – positive, negative and neutral, Mind/Body/Consciousness, Sat/Chit/Anand and more such experiences.

POLARITY THERAPY is a clever synthesis of eastern wisdom & western science. Polarity manifests in our body & in the world through the balance of GUNAS – density or tamas, intensity or rajas, luminosity or sattva. The natural imbalance of Gunas is Doshas – of Tamas is kapha (dullness), natural imbalance of Rajas is Pittah (agitation) & of Sattva is Vatta (distraction). In Polarity process we observe the harmonious play of the gunas and the conflicted imbalance of the Doshas; polarity process restores the balance of the two. POLARITY THERAPY can be explained as a Systematic Triune application of knowledge between existing aspects of universe You, Me & Us; Male, Female & centre and more!!

To accelerate growth & harmony a polarity therapist engages with the energy process to directly work with the human body. To navigate this flow she calls upon:
the 1 luminous sphere,
the dance of the 2 in one, masculine – feminine,
the 3-fold essence, sat-chit-ananda (truth-consciousness-bliss),
the 4 levels of the Tree: emanation, creation, formation, action,
the alchemy of the 5 elements, earth, water, fire, air, space,
the 6 fundamental faculties: spiritual, material, psychic, executive, vital and mental
the 7 chakras or levels of being, mineral, vegetable, animal, human, bliss, consciousness and being,
the 8-fold noble path, right understanding, right though, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration,
the 9 planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus,
the 10 nodes for Tree of life, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, love, judgment, integration, endurance, glory, foundation and kingdom,
the 11 pointed star, Fairy Star is treated as a sacred symbol of magical power in some pagan cultures,
the 12 astrological realms with their partnerships of elements.

There will be music and silence in a session, movement and stillness, transcendence of the personal, adventure and intimacy. Assessment of the process of growing into the consciousness of physical oneness, both individually and as a group, is made through discussion, body movement and breath-work. The knowledge in our bodies is a living intelligence of a cosmic order.

To facilitate this wisdom the body knows itself as:

empty space,
freely moving air,
the radiant force of fire,
the resilient flow of water,
and the organized solidity of earth.

For the key to this dynamic unfolding of a unified field of consciousness, energy and substance, we refer to the twelve partnerships of elements that make up the matrix of the Zodiac and produce, in the cosmos as in our bodies, the twelve attributes and their realms. Blessed by access to these twelve realms of our being we learn to experience and be each of them and to explore the wealth of relationships between them.

Matrix of twelve:

The twelve distinct and interdependent anatomical regions of our bodies are broadly expressed through the Zodiacs and their positions in the human body field. It can be used as twelve conceptual frameworks, each with its nature and mood, tasks and perspectives. These twelve give us ways to dance, meditate, feel, think and be, which will be well experienced through the ELEMENTAL BODY MOVEMENT Module.

The human body is a tuner receiving/transmitting on the twelve built-in frequencies vibrating throughout the twelve-fold universe. The names of these frequencies vary from system to system. Astrology lists these frequencies as the signs, or realms, of the Zodiac with their particular attributes are:


 Zodiac name  Polarity charge  Elemental partnership
Aries cardinal earthy Fire
Taurus fixed watery Earth
Gemini mutable earthy Air
Cancer cardinal earthy Water
Leo fixed watery Fire
Virgo mutable airy Earth
Libra cardinal fiery Air
Scorpio fixed fiery Water
Sagittarius mutable airy Fire
Capricorn cardinal fiery Earth
Aquarius fixed watery Air
Pisces mutable airy Water

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