Mental Health Program

Mental health is an integral part of our health determining our happiness quotient.

These programs are Soham Healing Services signature programs that aim at creating a holistic and creative emotional health. This is a Facilitator Training program to empower violence teams of an organization to handle harmful and violent community behaviour. Typically these are residential 3 day programs preferably held in a natural setting. It is an Intervention Program with the staff or trauma survivors of any organization. My expertise lies in equipping the community workers in better crisis management & empowering Trauma survivors!

I have an experience of holding such spaces for the last 8 yrs and I have worked actively Pan-India. Please refer to Testimonials for references.

We at Soham healing services accomplish the program by using following methodologies

  • Touch therapy
  • Creative Dance Movement
  • Individual therapeutic sessions
  • Introspective mental health activities

To make a noticeable impact on participants my programs run simultaneously on three levels:

  • Self empowerment
  • Team Empowerment
  • Community Support

All my programs are tailored designed to fit the clientele organization keeping in mind their current challenges. Soham Healing Services specializes in facilitating training under:

  • Mental Health topics
  • Sexual Health
  • Life skills

You don’t have to struggle in silence! You can be un-silent, you can live with mental illness as long as you open up to somebody.

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