Sacred Dance

We dance to seduce our self; to fall in love with oneself 

Trust the process which is unfolding, for it is, as it meant to be. Everything in fact is in ‘divine order’. The spark of divinity is in fact a deeply embedded program in your cell memory and awaits an intuitive awakening, which usually happens at its own pace regardless of the exterior reality. We may take specific actions to hasten this process – yoga, dance, designing jobs which when coupled with energy work may release unique body sensations, generating a sense of heightened awareness. However know that the actual impetus of your growth is in the stillness of your being.
Sacred Dance is a sufi meditative dance based on soft gentle notes of neh, a middle eastern flute. Sacred dance is an intuitive dance where participants explore their intimate selves.

For it is in this stillness that Soham healing modalities are anchored. In the silent depth of ones being, lays the opportunity to defy logics of the outer world, where fusion of polarities happens.

And it is this momentary awakening that a dervish experiences a unity of all his divided selves. She learns that she can only play around her own axis as long as her center is stable, her mind flexible & body in-unison. It is a known fact that when I twirl from my right foot to my left side I gaze into my feminine heart and into all the wounds that I have lived through-out history. 

    The wounded and battered soul that I inherit is seeking emancipation. The soft gentle middle-eastern music tempts participants to make ‘a turn’ towards the past. The turn of a dervish is an unafraid gaze into the past, a past largely made up of violent history of mankind & his greed for power & autonomy.

    The Goddess herself is a dancer, celebrating through dance the cycles of the seasons and the cycles of life.                                                                       – Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance

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