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Soham Healing is A Daughter of the Ocean. An ocean which is the source of infinity & bounties. Soham Healing is a space where people are sensitized about their inherent potential and are shown pathways to connect with the cosmic energy.

About Soham Healing

Soham Healing Services is a humble attempt to acquaint a seeker to enter his/her sacred shrine with an ease and in privacy. It is an endeavor to invite the seeker to witness astounding heights and unbelievable depths of their being.

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To heal is to be totally present in the moment.
To just be!!

Services we offer

Zodiac Card Reading

The readings work on finding personal wholeness bringing clarity and awareness for the current phase of life.

Individual healing session

are provided to resolve a mental trauma and alos for physical trauma. 

Psychic reading 

is a specific attempt to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities or natural extensions

Offered Programs

Dance of elements is a 3-day workshop designed by me Sahaya Jeevan to introduce Polarity Therapy to the masses.



Polarity Therapy


Touch Therapy


Sound Healing


Thai treatment

Nishtha Sawant
Nishtha Sawant
My session with Sahaya was a very healing and rejuvenating experience for me. There was a clear sense of release helping me clear the stuck n frozen energy knots in the body. Throughout the session I felt very safe and held with care and gentleness. The sequence of the modalities she uses have a very good flow that allowed me to open and receive the healing at a deeper level. I am truly grateful for this healing that has kept me energised for weeks to follow after the session. I truly recommend her sessions. Thank you Sahaya.
Dackshta Rana
Dackshta Rana
Healing is not just emotional or physical- it’s holistic! At Soham they heal your mind, heart, body and spirit not just by energy healing but also by talking you through your own journey, opening doors of prosperity and peace. Highly recommended and grateful to have found them🙏🏼
Sabrina Venezia
Sabrina Venezia
I received treatment from Sahaya in Bir Billing and I had a wonderful experience! I am a healer myself and always on the look out for other professionals from whom I can receive too and I am rather choosy. She applied Reiki, Polarity therapy, Cranio Sacral and sound healing: after a thorough talk about my issues, she listened attentively and as soon as she started the treatment I entered a deep state of relaxation and I could feel a heavy weight shifting from my lower chakras up to the throat and top chakras, I felt cared for and healed from some stress I was carrying in body and mind. She finished the session with some wonderful sound healing with forks applied also to the body. For the next days I felt light and rejuvenated! I definitely can recommend Sahaya to anyone looking for deep healing and I will take more treatments from her whenever possible, she is knowledgeable and compassionate practitioner.
Aditya Chillara
Aditya Chillara
It was my first healing sessions with ma'am. She spent a good time understanding my physical, mental and emotional status and initiated me in to the healing. Post to the healing session with ma'am I understand myself so much better and i feel better. Thank you ao much. I strongly recommend ma'ams healing session.
Manmeet Sethi
Manmeet Sethi
Sahaya has been an absolute blessing! Rather than jumping on therapy session she listens to your concern patiently and tries to understand the root cause. Accordingly, she suggests what would work best. I had a really intense therapy session with her wherein I could literally feel a burden lifted off my chest post the session. For about a month, I was feeling that I am not able to breath properly/shallow breathing about which I didn't inform her initially and it was after the session that she informed me that my heart chakra was blocked due to past experiences. Immediately after the session, I could feel energy flowing smoothly from my lower abdomen to throat chakra and I could breath properly. It was a very random session that I thought of exploring during my short visit in Bir and I am glad I did as it was through this session I learned a lot of things which do not appear on the surface but are hidden in our body in the form of stuck emotions/energy. I would highly recommend her if anyone is looking for holistic healing.
Navika Chaudhary
Navika Chaudhary
Sahaya is an experienced healer with a sensitive and curious approach towards her work. She is genuine and really cares about the well-being of her clients. Through body healing sessions with Sahaya, I have been able to identify pent up emotions and thoughts & beliefs which no longer serve me. I recommend sessions with Sahaya as a part of your self-awareness and healing journey.
Aashish Kalia
Aashish Kalia
Sahaya is a wonderful healer and very kind person , her touch therapy is one of the best thing you will experience . Best part about her is she instills confidence in you, she is able to connect dots and as you keep continuing with her session , you will get to know more abt yourself . I may not have have healed completely but i would definitely recommend someone to go visit her place.
Jayti Bhalla
Jayti Bhalla
She’s one of a kind. Her touch while being in therapy is healing beyond words. I was scared initially to face my fears but she helped me surrender to the things. Even if you don’t believe in spirituality/energies- after her therapy sessions ,something happens to you;Something magical which makes you believe back in universe . God bless you healer :) Thankyou for being at my lowest and bringing me back
Geet Atwal
Geet Atwal
It was a very different experience, I never thought I was going to see a therapist, I thought I was going to my friend. Thank you so much sahaya love you 🤗🤗🤗
Petra Mo
Petra Mo
Sahaya is a friend of mine since over a decade and has worked her healing wonders on me throughout the years. She clearly has a special gift and always pinpoints the trouble spots. She works with the energies and gently helps release blockages.
Mona BaggaMona Bagga
14:32 15 Nov 22
I had a healing session with sahaya recently and it was a nice experience. Will certainly want to do this session again . Highly recommended!!
Abhishek GoyalAbhishek Goyal
08:35 29 Oct 22
Sahaya is an incredible healer. Wonderful soul. I was going through a very dark space in my life when somehow got to know about her healing practices. As soon as I took the first session, it gave me so much light, healed me in such a way that I want to be connected with the practice for lifetime. She’s doing an amazing job in healing lives.
Kate BirchKate Birch
18:00 13 Jul 22
I had the opportunity to experience two sessions fromSahayaa. One for reiki and the other a kind of Thai bodywork. Both were intuitively guided and touched me where I needed to be touched. Sahayaa’s presence to the work and my body left me feeling safe and relaxed during both sessions. As a result great benefit was experienced.
Aditi PandeyAditi Pandey
16:56 22 Apr 22
It was last year that I had a session with Sahaya. At that time, I felt the release of pain and it was a cathartic experience. It is months now, and I still feel the healing affect of the session.There is very warm and powerful touch involved in the session. The result of the session can be felt even after months. I am grateful to have got the opportunity to experience such powerful tool with so muchcare and tenderness. Lots of love and best wishes for your work.Keep growing 🙂
Varsha PunwaniVarsha Punwani
14:48 16 Apr 22
Sahaya's Thai treatment and healing sessions are amazing... Felt completely relaxed. She is highly intuitive and knows exactly where the body needs attention and does it with a lot of love n patience. Highly recommend her sessions. Thank you Sahaya !

Hello Sahaya The Thai massage sessions that I had with Sahaya were excellent. She's a sensitive and intuitive masseuse, and the massages had the right mix of stretching and relaxation. I felt amazingly good after both the massages, and would recommend Sahaya as a massage therapist very highly

 Vipul Rikhi

Hi Sahaya, Thank you so much for sharing with me the beauty of Thai massage. Thank you for nurturing my body. It's been three days since I came for the session and since then my lower back pain and left knee pain are gone. Big hug to you and to your healing hands. The time flue by very fast and I did fly with the time. You sessions are really timeless. You are indeed amazing and I wish you all the best in your healing journey. And moreover I'm looking forward to more sessions with you.

Veronica Sera.

Dear Sahaya, My body was quite dense, and sessions with Sahaya have immensely helped me. Heat from my neck and intensity of my left side is drastically reduced. I’m More radiant, More Powerful, More Worthy, More of Me, More abundant I’m now!! I recommend everyone also to please choose Sahaya once, if you are willing to change your life. She is a potent being, highly aware & extremely supportive. Gratitude Sahaya!!

Neelam Saini

Hiya Sahaya, I run my own sports company in Manali. I have been into extreme sports for over 2 decades. Through her sessions, I realized that some muscles were locked and as she kept on going I felt so relaxed and gradually my muscles were unlocked. Sahaya is very professional in her approach and she is an amazing therapist. I give her 5 stars. The healing works and your body feel's amazing. Thank you so much

Anurag Sood

“Immensely grateful to have Sahaya as our mental health facilitator for the 3-day residential program. This program has opened door-way of providing support for team members and the community. I wish her success & also recommend her name for other organizations."

Ms. Asha Bhayia, Director Jagori Grameen, Dharamsala Hp.

“Sahaya, you are a sensitive lady and you have definitely experienced the activities yourself before you deliver them. My staff surely felt safe n mothered in your presence. Thank you!”

Ashlesha Onawale Director, DeepGriha Society, Pune.

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