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Birth of a Therapist

Hello friends, I continue with sharing my personal journey with you all…. In 2004 I also had the grand opportunity of visiting OIMR, Osho International meditation Resort, Pune. I was engaged in the work as meditation program. I was a resident of the commune for 8...

Understanding Violence

Dear Community Here I write another piece of my journey!! HEALING is a term that made sense to me even as a child. Perhaps not with much clarity, rather back then it was more like being helpful. Although I must admit it wasn’t easy to be kind keeping in mind the early...

A new me

Hello community, As I sit next to my window writing my first blog, I must say that life has been very benevolent - I did not ever have to provide for my or my family survival. My life journey began as a young woman of 22, having a deep desire to explore the wider...

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