Polarity Healing

Buddha said,“truth is simple and the answer to all your questions is within yourself”.

Yet when we are stuck in a bad life situation, we believe that there is somebody responsible for it. But the truth is that no one but ME is responsible for my life! Once we accept that my life is the way I choose to live, it is easier to deal with crisis. Largely Fear governs our lives. We all fear change. Fear is usually articulated through doubts: am I good enough? Does he still love me? Am I worth it?

All these reservations lead to growing insecurity and guilt. Inferiority complex lies below the surface of our upfront bravado image, accompanied with feeling of restlessness, lack of confidence and low trust.Healing is the art of freeing oneself from old memories & past patterns.

Healing is a door-way to immense creativity for a mind caught up with the complexities of life yet leading a serene life. The Aztec cultures believe that when one woman heals, she heals all her ancestors and her coming generations. The feminine manifests herself as mother, justice, patience, creativity, forgiveness and harmony.

Nevertheless the gift of capitalism is that our masculine self is burdened with the performance pressure and the feminine is a picture of hopelessness. And both these images have to be reversed. Healing is an on-going process and it is up to the seeker to set-up its pace and result.

Every feeling, character and sensation have a root which, lies deep down in the childhood. Searching the root, acknowledging the suffering, is the way of freeing yourself of the misery. The same misery that has existed over centuries and it has to be healed consciously and with absolutely awareness.  


Everything is dual. Everything has poles with pair of opposites. Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. Extremes meet and all paradoxes may be reconciled.

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