Primal Movements


Fully immerse yourself in the treacherous waters of change. 

 based No one emerges from the journey of transformation without having withered a storm, without being washed up on the shore, gasping for breath. This is the nature of the experience. And to realize the full potential of this journey, you must fully immerse yourself in the treacherous waters of change, knowing that the ability to swim like a champion through the roughest phase, is within you!

Primal Movements

are creative body movements based on the principles of POLARITY THERAPY. For each participant the movement would be unique based on her perception of the trait of that element.

During the 45min session, the participants will be guided through specific phrases and accompanying music. Each element has a unique representation in human body governing that element. For instance: Earth Element rules our bodies through Neck & carries traits of poise and structure.

Criteria for movement:

  • Based on the body part.
  • Individual understanding of the attribute.
  • According to the zodiac or particular element.

Polarity Movement Traits:

  • Power of being grounded through earthy movements.
  • Being in flow with all dimensions of life through water element.
  • Be in a constant state of action and external drama through fire element.
  • Experience the strength of letting go & moving on through airy movements.
  • And finally become a neutral container by providing space to yourself & others.


  • Experience the synchronicity of five elements.
  • They help you to get in touch with your emotions & body sensations.
  • And when done repeatedly, it helps in resolving those emotional blocks.
  • Understand how body & Mind is actually influenced by the Panch mahabhuta & 
  • Know the best ways activate the elements for your benefit.

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