Alchemy of Panch-tattwa

Each of the five element has a specific way to touch, feel & be!

Alchemy of Elements:

Is a 3-day workshop designed by me Sahaya Jeevan to introduce Polarity Therapy to the masses.

In this workshop, we will explore the wealth of relationships the elements have with each other and the influence they have on our personalities. Through creative dance movement participants experience the knowledge in their emotional & physical body.

Alchemy of Elements workshop incorporates following Modalities:

  • Study: we discuss the peculiarity of each of the 5-elements & their interplay in our personalities & body make up. We gain insight about our patterns & habits.
  • Primal Body Movement: we experience the body through movement, which is based on an inner listening.


  • Learn to activate the elements
  • Helps us to gain better control of our Body, Life & Mind.
  • Helps us to understand the purpose of each element & their combinations so that we can understand what moves us & the universe.

Alchemy of Elements, advanced workshop incorporates following Modalities:

  • Alchemy of Elements: Revision work
  • Therapeutic Body Work:  Gentle and penetrating, hands-on contact to induce deep relaxation. Each of the 5- Elements has a specific way to touch, feel & be. We will learn to use an active listening approach where we can sense the energy flow & channelize it into a state of ease & concentration.
  • Breathing & Visualization: Deep breathing, gentle stretching, balancing postures  helps to release tension, stress, fatigue, blocked emotions & sensations.

Benefits of Advanced level:

  • Develop a sacred understanding of Touch therapy.
  • Work around the principles of therapeutic touch to heal your family and friends.
Polarity Therapy is a healing art of Ayurveda, Astrology and Tantra at our disposal through touch, dance, breath and our internal communication.

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