Energy healing

In yoga, we call it prana and the Japanese call it qi


In the Japanese technique, Reiki, the practitioner can channel energy into a client by means of gentle touch or near-touch to activate the natural healing process. It’s based on the idea that un-seen universal life-force flows through us. In yoga, we call it prana and the Japanese call it qi. If that energy is low, we’re more likely to get sick and feel stressed.

Some crucial aspects of Energy healing are:

  • It can never cause harm.
  • Energy can never be depleted.
  • It can be practiced by anyone.
  • Energy is neutral to all forms of life.


Aura Cleansing

Auras surround the entire body creating a electro-magnetic field. Many describe it as a net encasing the entire physical being, emanating, collecting, and exchanging energies inside and outside of the body. Whether it manifests as real pain, a gut feeling, or a certain vibe, our auras senses all kinds of energies in the environment as a result of communications and reactions we can’t comprehend.

There are various techniques to cleanse the aura:

  • Meditation and chanting
  • A singing bowl sound bath.
  • An actual bath – Add essential oils, herbs, or even crystals.
  • Breath-work – Use of classic pranayama techniques or slow breaths.

    Once you feel your aura is cleansed, maintenance is key to preventing negative buildup. Negative energy clinging to your aura can make you tired, distracted, or irritable. Regular sessions with your singing bowl played close to or upon your body can help keep your energy field tidy. As you play, visualize the resonance of the sound shifting or making waves in your aura.


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