Mental Health Programs

A culturally healthy Community is the backbone of a wholesome nation

Developing a considerate perspective about oneself and others is the aim of these retreats. With us Emotional Health is viewed from a perspective of holistic development including physical matter, emotional wellness & mental opinions.

Physical matter, is what we experience as reality, that which is, as it is, and which is  under constant change. Our body image, our sensory abilities, our life style habits are all choices we make creating  various life situations.

Emotional states of mind are heavily influenced by stimulus. A strong emotion can be a reaction to an old body trauma or an external stimulus. Emotions trigger feelings, feelings creates behaviors and behaviors reinforce thoughts which in turn generate similar emotions. It’s a vicious cycle!

Mental opinions are the thoughts that are generated as a result of the physical and emotional constituents. Many times these thoughts are based on a set of beliefs that is handed over to us by generations, popularly known as ‘law of land’. Mental opinions are a predisposition of the physical matter.

These are three-day residential Programs on Emotional well-being. The prime benefiters of these programs are staff members and grass-root workers of a community or an organization.  The aim of MHP is to enable participants with essential soft skills to be incorporated on regular basis. Soft Skills are best learned through negotiating about our spaces & respective needs.

Proposed Themes for MHP:

• Mental health
• Sexual health
• Inter work rivalry
• Cross cultural sensitivity

Potential Benifits:

  • Leading to more productive and autonomous lifestyle.
  • Increased sense of self-worth by promoting peer support.
  • Enhances pride in ones native identity.
  • Receives services that are individualized, rehabilitative in nature and strength.


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