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I continue with sharing my personal journey with you all….
In 2004 I also had the grand opportunity of visiting OIMR, Osho International meditation Resort, Pune. I was engaged in the work as meditation program. I was a resident of the commune for 8 months. In fact I was from the 2nd last batch where we were offered a free work pass in the commune. My job was at the helpdesk, taking in the breakdowns of the commune infrastructure. It was a brilliant opportunity for me to hone my communication skill and t work with an international team.
Spending those 8-months at OIMR have been the best days of my life. I was a young girl freshly out form a small city of Chandigarh, I had not seen anything like that. OIMR was a commune of dreams. I had the best food, best work culture, grand exposure to variety of International expert team leaders and the best night life there. The evening white robe of Osho was mandatory mediation for all the residents. It was the star meditation of the commune. Master’s discourses always triggered various emotions in each of his sannyasins, compelling us to scrutinize our life choices. Coming from a middle-class family, caution was deeply embedded in me. Caution coupled with guilt for seeking pleasure, even pleasure for simple things was a sin! Being with Osho taught me to move into indulgence without guilt. And I can confidently say the freeing myself from guilt is the Masters biggest blessing for me. Our lives are over burdened by societal norms and expectations and for most of us it is tough to fulfill those high demands resulting in fear, guilt, anger and ill-ness.
Before I visited OIMR, I had already begun to practice Osho Dynamic meditation which is largely cathartic in nature. It is a very Yang meditation, of five stages, to be done in the early hours of the morning because our mind and its trauma are easy to catch at start of the day. Dynamic meditation immensely helped me to get rid of my accumulated rage. Rage over the conditioning that I was trained to abide by!! I must have done dynamic for many years to the extent that now I don’t feel the need for dynamic. I do other practices mostly sitting mediataions to empty myself. I guess that level of rage is over.

I had begun to practice healing from 2007, it is then that I had set up Soham Healing Services. I was mostly practicing Reiki healing and Osho active meditation techniques, which I offered to my walk-in clients at a very nominal price. The healing space is co-created and the role of a therapist is to support the healing journey with ease and confidence.

My own healing journey had reached a point where I was questioning the path. Probably because the path was so testing & tiresome. I had almost been living off my bag-pack, on the road for about 4 years now living a gypsy life, hopping & having make-shift homes. The resistance from the outside world had turned inward now. It seemed like I had begun to eat myself. Despite the hardships, I really did not want to quit the path. The spiritual fire, dhunni, was finally engulfing me. Though the death of my ego was yet to happen!! It happened a couple of years later in another city while at work. Working on a client by then had become like working on my own emotional self. I could easily tune into a client’s energy field & pick up on deformed emotions. My professional life and personal life had become one, there was no separation. Perhaps my own healing through my work had turned the life of my client & mine into one shell. Time was knocking on my door, only I did not know where the knob was!!

Soham Healing studio, flourishes to her maximum potential, and sky is the limit.
In next series I Shall be describing more of my personal healing journey along with shaping of my work.
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